We’re huge fans of WordPress, and we’ve made it a point to know it inside and out. The first ever website I designed and built was on WordPress.org and our this, our brand new Eighteen 59 website was designed, built and developed using it.

We take great pride in being able to help with a broad range of support issues as well as designing fantastic mobile-first websites that have a WordPress premium hosting platform to call home.

Our hosting partner Flywheel specialises in WordPress. Their web servers are specifically calibrated to make the websites we design and launch, load extremely fast and perform to the best of their ability. This not only ensures the best possible foundation for your online business but guarantees that your marketing campaigns deliver better results.

If you have ever worked on a WordPress site, you will almost certainly have discovered a caching plugin of some sort. Well, you won’t find a caching plugin anywhere on our websites. Flywheel’s servers handle the caching for us. We’ll even help you set up a CDN for optimal performance worldwide if you require it.

WordPress Premium Hosting Security & Support

The growing popularity of WordPress makes it a tempting target for hackers and general bad guys, but you can rest easy. Another great feature of Flywheel’s hosting means they continuously monitor each and every site for malware and attempting security threats.

Flywheel’s team of WordPress experts is ready to help with almost anything. Their focus on WordPress premium hosting means they go a lot deeper than typical hosting companies. They help with everything from “My server is down” to “Can you recommend a plugin that does xyz?”

If you are looking to protect your customer data or just secure your website further, the addition of an SSL certificate is simple and hassle-free. Did we mention it was FREE to set up and install too?

Let’s Move Your Website Forward

Whether you are looking to take the next step launching a brand new WordPress website or have an existing site that could benefit from a better, more stable, premium WordPress host – We can help.


We can migrate any existing WordPress website free of charge, guaranteeing you the best possible support from Flywheel and Eighteen 59 combined.

In short, we now only host new websites we design and build with Flywheel. The platform, staff and support has proven itself time and time again. Whats more, we have seen some superb SEO results from migrating customers from hosting platforms like GoDaddy and 123-Reg.

Start Your Migration Today

We love Flywheel and our clients do to. It free’s up more of our time so we can focus on driving new business for our clients via digital campaigns. Since partnering with Flywheel we have not looked back. Tom Edwards // Founder & Director