Social Automation: Revisited

Social automation is exactly the same as blindly walking up to every single person that you encountered in your normal day to day and saying “hello”. You would encounter hundreds if not thousands of people and be exhausted. Not enough hours exist in the day for you to warrant spending the time saying hello, hola and bonjour to everyone.

You simply wouldn’t do it.

So why do people do it on social media?

We have all seen and encountered it some capacity, usually a DM (direct message) on Twitter saying “Hi, have you seen my Facebook page?” or “Did you know I can save you £££’s on accounting fee’s?” This style of automation is known and referred to as webspam. A process designed to help you increase leads through click bait, whilst saving you the time and actual effort of networking. All the time breaking Twitter’s TOS (terms of service):

Generally most automation is detrimental to the user experience and frequently results in blocks and suspensions – Twitter TOS

You do not have to venture very far in to social media networks to uncover this style of automation. The process originally designed to help you increase business actually has a far worse impact. If you are using automation you can expect to see interaction and engagement numbers decline as well as followers / friends decline.

Making your social life simpler

Many tools exist that will have a positive impact on you social profiles, when and if used correctly. For example we use Hootsuite Pro, a dashboard system that allows us to monitor multiple channels, feeds and streams at once. Through Hootsuite you have the ability to add an RSS feed from a source you trust, that will post new content to your networks for you.

Hootsuite RSS Feed

You control various settings here, including how often to check the feed for new content and when to post. This is fantastic at saving you time when it comes to sharing both your own content as well as content from a trusted source.

Brand and Date Specific Content

It goes without saying that you need to keep you content streams up to date and relevant. It is no good to your followers if you are sharing a breaking news story 3-4 days after the event in question. This is where social media managers and specialists can assist you. Doing something the correct way will obviously boost your profiles reach and impact growth, whereas doing something poorly or incorrectly can have a much bigger negative impact. Poorly managed profiles will see next to no growth, reach, interaction and impact on your business.

Maintaining your brand identity and personality through social media is an important part of the relationship to have with your followers, and automation can damage that if not used properly.

Social automation is not designed to completely replace you. It is designed to save you time when managing a social presence. If you are serious about growing your social presence and business through ever growing social media channels we can help through every step of the process. Whether you need advice and plan of action or you need help managing your content and channels daily management.

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