What is the right social media content to share for your business?

Social media platforms are ready made databases of users customers. This allows any business to access, engage, share and promote themselves almost instantly.

Simply put, social media is one of the greatest ways to improve your brands awareness and reach digitally. It will grow customer relationships and increase your brands visibility. Managed well, it will of course increase sales, customer satisfaction and put your brand on the map.


Right Social Media Content

So why do so many businesses get social media wrong?

The biggest issue most businesses face is knowing what content to share and when. It is very simple to fall into the trap of heavy self promotion. Sadly, something that even digital marketing agencies fall into.

This is a completely pointless path and will result in zero engagement and interaction from your following.

Brands that succeed at social media are those that listen and interact with their followers, they share a great mixture of content that those very followers find interesting and can engage with. This of course drives interaction, shares, likes and comments. The key to social media.

You will rarely find successful brands over self promoting on social media, only occasionally sharing links to their own products, when they do, they are well timed, interactive posts that engage the user.

Providing constant interaction, sharing relevant content and responding quickly will drastically improve your presence and grow a quality following.

The Right Social Media Content Vs The Wrong Content

A study in October 2016 (source) found that posting too many promotions was the single most annoying action a brand can take on social media.



The key actions that make people follow a brand on social media further highlight just how important a good mixture of content and personality is.



Gaining new followers is one thing, but interacting with your existing audience, and growing engaged, quality followers, is far more powerful.

If you’re able to entertain them with the right social media content and personality you will better align them to your brand and offerings long term. This will significantly increase the chances of that user going on to become a paying customer.

Whats right to share?

Provide your audience with contextually relevant and entertaining content, along with some promotions and special offers, and they’ll be increasingly likely to buy from you. This is of course a challenge many face daily.

The top social networks provide you with huge amounts of data to better understand your followers. Utilising this will improve your knowledge and understanding of what the right social media content is for your followers, and what works best along with the most active times of day.

I have referred to social media as a spiders web previously. A single connection ultimately leads to potentially thousands of other connections. A well structured social media strategy will help grow a web of engaged followers, who will help market and grow your reach further and further.


Right Social Media Content
Photo by Jingyi Wang 

Post, Test, Repeat

As with any form of sales or marketing activity it is vital to test what works for your business. Just because your competitors do it, does not mean you have to. We develop social media strategies from data relevant to your business.

A great example could be, aligning your Twitter activity with your followers most active times of day. Simply doing this ensures your brand is active when your followers are most active. Giving them a greater chance of engaging with you.

Another key area to develop is the style of content you create and share. Knowing your followers means you can create content that suits them and their demographic, this leads to greater impact and interaction as the content is relevant.


your social media following


We provide various social media services that are tailored to your business and goals, ranging from social media audits to complete social media management.

We can help you understand your followers and their actions as well as add our creativity to producing content on your behalf.