In 1991, there was a single website. Five years later just 250,000, a decade later saw the launch of wikipedia, joining roughly twenty million other websites. Fast forward to today and we have over a billion live websites (Source). This article discusses why a mobile friendly website is best for business in 2017 and beyond.

Mobile devices and tablets are fast becoming the most popular way to browse the internet and we can expect that this number will increase exponentially in years to come. You only have to step out of your front door and you will see someone using a mobile device. Step onto a busy train and more people will be using a mobile device of some sort, than not.

mobile friendly website

Let’s be honest it seems years ago that people only owned desktops. People now casually browse the web whilst watching TV, out with friends or even walking the dog in the local park. Records show that there are nearly 5 billion mobile phones being used worldwide and we are now breaking an era that will see humans first internet experiences through a mobile device.

This surge in people’s habits and lifestyles has left the business world regardless of sector, with no choice other than to adapt and move with the times. Standing your ground and not moving forward with your existing non-mobile website design could be considered the same as putting square wheels on a car and being left in the dark ages.

Nowadays the world doesn’t stop and people don’t to have any time to take 30 minutes for lunch. Your customers want information about your products and services at the touch of a button. They don’t have time to scroll through endless streams of content and mind numbing text. They want the information they need and fast. They expect a mobile friendly website and will leave quickly and move to you competitors if you can not deliver what they want.

Modern technology and mobile-first advancements mean it is possible for them to quickly explore and search for what they are looking for in a split second, whilst on the go, without even typing.

For any business that has not adopted a mobile-friendly web presence, you are already missing new business opportunities through Google search.

The most damaging phrase in the language is “We’ve always done it this way!” – Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

Mobile friendly website for your business

Being a mobile friendly ensures your website benefits naturally when a user is browsing via apps and mobile searches. Combining a mobile friendly website with tailored search engine optimisation campaign that focuses on much more than just traffic will ensure you have the best presence and foundation online.

Mobile friendly website for your business

It really is critical moving forward in today’s digital age that you put your customers first and consider how quickly your website can influence a buying decision.

We offer bespoke website design and development solutions, because we know one-size does not fit all. We also have many success stories for mobile friendly websites. For example Bathe & Beyond (Shown Above) saw an increase of organic web traffic by 59.4% following the launch of their mobile-friendly website.

Let one of our specialists review your existing website today and help you start to recreate your web presence in a mobile-friendly format.