We live and breath social media at Eighteen 59, from setting up accounts, producing research, content, social auditing and full account management, we do it all. If you are struggling to know what, when and how often should I post content on social media, this post covers a couple of key areas to consider.

I have seen lots of trends come and go as well as key components last the test of time. The power of social media amazes me each and every day. Yes, it has a lot of noise, but if you can filter through meme’s of cats and the insightful look into what some has eaten for breakfast, its ability is vast, and at the touch of anyone’s finger tips.

From analytical data and management to the day to day monitoring, posting and increasing our clients reach we face lots of questions. One of which seems to occur more often than not.

How often should I post content on social media?

This is a question that could be answered in a hundred ways, more often than not the answer comes down to quality vs quantity.

Social Media Management

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There is no golden rule.


There is no golden rule when it comes to posting content on social media. Each and every social media channel has a different user base, a different algorithm and a different set of rules. Therefor each social network should be treated separately, with its own set of quality content and its own goals. What works for some will not necessarily work for others.

Quality followers outrank quantity

As with almost all things marketing, the quality of your content will far out perform quantity. Lots of vanity elements exist in social media, one of the most common being paid followers and views.

I often ask our clients what they would rather have? 100 highly engaged, influential followers, who interact with the content you take the time to create and publish, or 10,000 followers with zero interaction. The overwhelming response is 100 engaged followers. However, vanity plays a huge part of business. Investing in social bots that are just there to make numbers up is a completely pointless and vain process.

The investment in paying for those followers could quite easily generate brand awareness and leads if managed correctly. Vanity numbers are very obvious, especially when a Twitter account has 75,000 followers but no interaction on any of the tweets.

Social Media Influencers

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Social media never sleeps

This means that your content shouldn’t either. Invest some marketing budget towards a social media audit. A good audit will uncover information about your target customer, their social media habits, activity and so much more. This then aligns and allows you to focus your social media marketing towards short and long term goals and growth.

Its not faceless

The best business social media accounts show their personality. Doing this successfully, whether it is behind the scenes information or a face behind the business, it will generate serious engagement.

Quality content vs Quantity

I almost always highlight the impact of posting nothing but URL driven posts. Social networking is no different to any other form of networking. If you go all out sales, you will not sell anything. The same applies here. Understand your followers, listen to them and nurture the content you create and share.

How often should I post content on social media?

In summary, As often as is required to maintain a healthy and current relationship with your audience. If you are providing quality content to your social media followers, engagement comes naturally. If you are publishing posts in large quantities with lots of links, expect minimal interaction, unless you already have a large targeted following.

The only element that is key to any successful social media marketing campaign is that quality content and followers win over quantity each and every time.